Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Pink Perfume

Half way through a bottle of perfume and not mentioned on my blog? Well- we can't have that, so i've decided to dedicate this post- that's right, one entire post- to this scent that I've somewhat fallen in love with.

This is one of the PINK eau de toilettes, from the warm and cozy range. Unfortunately I can't find this online but I'll link here to their other perfumes as well as here for other products with the same scent. oh the scent, it's just so freshly uplifting and sweet and comforting. argh- i'm a bit rubbish when it comes to describing scents, so I'll enlighten you by telling you how the perfume itself describes it, it says:

"Cozy up in toasted vanilla and peony"

And yes, the scent is so cosy and comforting, kind of a candy floss sweetness but a fresh Spring flower-like scent i guess?

Anyway, point is, go smell it, yes, just walk straight into PINK and give it a good whiff. then you can know for yourself what it smells like. 

And when you  do, let me know how you'd describe it in the comments :)
 oh and also, i can't find the price but usually the other ones are just under £10

Lots of Love,

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