Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Empties #1

Here it it, my first EMPTIES post.

I'm sure most people know what an EMPTIES post is, but for those of you who don't, it's basically where I tell you about the products that I've used up and tell you whether or not I liked them…

This photo is probably not the most helpful as on some of the lush products, the writing has rubbed off… but still…

The ones at the back are:

Clean&Clear blackhead clearing cleansing lotion, this is actually a new bottle but I have gone through quite a a few of these. This is really strong and leaves your skin feeling definitely clean, I have sensitive skin and sometimes it feels like my face is BURNING but then again, everything does that to my face. £3.50 click here 

The next one is the l'oreal SKIN PERFECTION 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. This says that it dissolves makeup; clears skin and unclogs pores; tones and soothes the skin. I like this because it is really gently and it's kind o like the BIODERMA but loads cheaper. £3.74 click here to buy

I've almost come close to finishing my SIMPLE MOISTURISING FACIAL WASH. I use this every morning because it's more gentle than the cleanser but still refreshes and cleans my face. It also hydrates and moisturises my face for the day…£3.25click here

The writing has completely rubbed off on this one but this is the LUSH TEA TREE TONER. This is the tall bottle on the left. It comes in a spray bottle and is supposed to soothe skin and prevent spots because of the tea tree in it. This is really nice and I'll definitely be getting it again. £7.50 click here

The writing has also rubbed off on this one, this is the: LUSH GREASE LIGHTNING. This is one of the lush spot treatments that are supposed to prevent spots if you feel like you're about to get one, but can also help any existing blemishes on their way. This is really really effective and I would recommend it to anyone who know that they are prone to acne. £6.25 click here

More lush…this is the IMPERIALS face moisturiser which I have mentioned in many posts before…I don't know if I would recommend this to everyone as moisturisers have specific ingredients suited to different people. For example, this has cocoa and shea butter and not too many oils for sensitive skin and also lavender oil to balance combination skin… etc, I may do a separate post on ingredients for different skin types. This is, however, an all round great moisturiser if you don't really know what your skin needs. £12.95click here

Final product, the LUSH RUB RUB RUB shower scrub. This is basically a salty grainy mixture acting like a body exfoliant. This has many minerals and effectively cleanses the skin. I got this as a gift and so  I enjoyed using it but I don't think I would by it again. £8.50 click here

How often should I do these posts?

Lots of Love,