Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Lip Plumping Lip Gloss | Soap and Glory Pillow Plump

Now, when I was staring into the abyss of the Soap and Glory lip glosses, I was simply looking for a nude colour that I would soon fall in love with. And so when I bought this and took it home I expected it to just be a gloss that I top my everyday lipsticks- boy was I wrong-

This lip gloss, you see, has some very scientific ideas behind it: something to do with supporting fat cells that cushion the lips, but basically, when you put it on, it gives the weirdest tingly sensation but afterwards, oh wow it leaves the lips so full and with so much more shape. You can really see where your lips end and your skin starts (if that make sense) because before that line was kind of blurred. It makes you're lips look more voluptuous in a kind of show-offy way.

I'd never tried a lip plumping lip gloss and so I sort of went in blind, but you have my word- this is good. Definitely try it out, I think they have different colours but this is just what caught my eye first, even though it's that kind of boring old pink/nude shade.

oh and, it smells like chocolate, which is always a bonus.

Let me know if you'e tried this or anything like it :)

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Purchases from Boots

After a rather short February Favourites post, I decided to go into Boots and have a wonder through the aisles to see what's new on the high street. I don't know if it's because I only went to a local tiny Boots or if it's because nothing jumped at me too much, but I didn't find too much that took my fancy. I am however, excited to try these out:

Soap and Glory One Heck of  A Blot £12
I've heard such great things about tho powder so I couldn't believed I had never tried it. I love how this comes in a sturdy case with a compact mirror because it makes touching up on the go so much easier.
Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £6
If you didn't know, I'm a jet-black, winged liner kinda girl, and since the Collection Fast Stroke liquid liner, I haven't found a drugstore one that does better. I've heard a couple of eyeliner enthusiasts like me talk about this product, so I'm excited to try this out and get back to you.

MaxFactor Wild Eyeshadow Pencil £5.99
I've actually already tried this today and i have to say, I am quite impressed. I have the colour 05 Caramel Rage which is a lovely shimmery gold colour. I love how easy eyeshadow pencils are because they save precious seconds in the morning: all you need to do is Swipe and Blend and that's all. I have found however, that this fades during the day so I might need to find an eyeshadow to set it with.

MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush £8.99
There's actually a whole range of colours, just that day I felt like buying this lovely deep berry mauve colour in the shade 30 Gorgeous berries. These are baked blush which have such good colour payoff and I love love love the shimmer in these. They definitely remind me of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders so if you like those, try these as an alternative option.

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Matte Serum Primer £10.99
Recently, I've been wearing a lot of mineral powder foundations, which I love because they make your skin look great but it means that if you have oily skin, powdering over a powder can look a little caked on. That's why I've been hunting for a nice matte primer so I'll definitely have to report back on this one.

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 5 March 2015

February Favourites

So, apparently, it's march. I seemed to have missed the memo and apparently the snow did too. But it is the end of February nonetheless and so I suppose a monthly favourites is in order.

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for combination/oily skin£12.49
For this month, I've really been loving a full coverage foundation, and this is one of my favourites. It covers all redness and blemishes while still leaving a glowing and not at all cakey look.

L’Oreal True Match Minerals Foundation £14.99
The only other foundation I've used this month is this one, which I've actually had for a while. I found it the back of my drawer, as all makeup enthusiasts do,  and I fell in love with it again. It's a lovely mineral foundation which means it's a powder but it has tiny shimmering specs in it, leaving a healthy "perky" glow.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Fearless £16.84
It's almost time to whip out the bright spring shades, so to enter in a somewhat subtle way, a baby pink coral shade is the way to go. It's so girly but chic, it's indescribable, and I think it would suit so many different skin tones, it's just -argh- so pretty.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99
Almost everyday this month, I've been wearing a winged liner just because I love this one so much and it's so easier to get a smooth, crisp wing, perfect for freshening up a look.

Tanya Burr Lip Gloss in Smile, Dream, Sparkle £6.99

This is a gorgeous light pink gloss which goes so perfectly with the blush. I love the Tanya Burr Lip glosses and this is my favourite because it's just a simple gloss with a hint of sparkle and pink.